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Costs and Upgrades
Pdf995, PdfEdit995 and Signature995 are all FREE. However, for $9.95 you may purchase a key to remove the sponsor page which displays each time you run Pdf995. For $19.95 you may purchase a Suite key which works for all three of our products. Purchasing also entitles you to email support by software engineers (12-hour response time).

Group user pricing for 25 or more users is also available: please inquire.

Do the keys expire?
Keys will work forever with the version of the software current at the time of purchase. Keys will also continue to work with upgraded versions released within one year of the date of purchase. Versions released after that one year period require a new key. For large volume orders and enterprise keys we offer discounted renewals. We encourage you to back up your software and key. We have a limited archive of PdfSuite releases.

What happens if I lose my key?
We encourage you to backup your keys and software installers. We cannot replace lost or misplaced keys older than 12 months.

I am having trouble downloading the software. What are alternate download urls for Pdf995 and the free converter?
Try and If that fails, try downloading If you still have problems, contact

When I run the installer, why do I see a message indicating the executable is not a valid Win32 application?
That message indicates an incomplete download if you are running a newer operating system. Try clearing your browser cache and download again. You can ensure the download is complete by right clicking on the download and selecting properties. If you can see the digital signature by Software995, the download is complete.If you are running an OS released before 2003 such as XP, you should install the latest version in the archives.

How do I determine the version of Pdf995, PdfEdit995 or Signature995 installed on my system?
The version of the software appears at the bottom of the readme file. Before contacting customer support, please be sure you are running the latest versions of Pdf995 software.

Privacy Policy
We do not use cookies. We use IP addresses to administer the site, track user movement and gather demographic information for aggregate use. IP addresses are not linked to personally identifiable information. Names and email addresses gathered from sales will not be shared, sold or rented, except in connection with the sale of the assets of the business, or as otherwise required by law.

Is Pdf995 spyware?
No. Neither Pdf995 nor any Software995 products monitor sites the user visits or report back how our products are used.

Online transactions through our site use industry-standard SSL encryption to protect users' information. We do not store financial information processed through our site. Some orders are processed by PayPal on our behalf. Details of the privacy policies of PayPal may be found on their site.

The default configuration of Pdf995 uses the registered Postscript to PDF converter on your system, but you may choose to have the program use the GPL Conversion module we offer as a free download. The GPL Conversion module includes a partial version of GNU Ghostscript. Pdf995 supports other Postscript-to-PDF converters. GNU Ghostscript is distributed under the GNU General Public License. You may obtain the source code for GNU Ghostscript here.

You may obtain the source code for GNU GPL PSConvert.exe here.

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