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System Requirements
We support Windows 11; Windows 10; Windows 8.1; Windows 7; Vista; XP; Citrix/Terminal Server; configuration as a shared network printer; Windows Server; and Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, 2000 and ME. We support Windows 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems.

How can I convert very large files to PDF?
The default timeout for printing to pdf995 is 900 (900 seconds, or 15 minutes) after which the print job automatically terminates. This is sufficient for most conversions and recommended when the printer queue is shared. However, the setting may need to be adjusted to accommodate very large print jobs.


Timeout seconds=X

to the parameters section of .\pdf995\res\pdf995.ini. X should be replaced with a value such as 1800 which represents the timeout value in seconds.

What should I do if Pdf995 printer jobs remain in the printer queue?
Run PdfEdit995 from start-programs-software995 and make sure Combine Mode is not selected. If that does not help, download Right click on it and select "Run As Administrator." Re-install the Pdf995 v11.6 or later.

How do I insert hyperlinks and bookmarks into PDFs?
Install pdfEdit995. Run it and go to the Bookmarks or Link tabs. See the readme for more information.

How can I convert PDF to HTML or DOC files?
Install PdfEdit995 and the HTML Conversion Module. The Conversion Module can convert PDF to formatted HTML or unformatted DOC files. In order to output .DOC files, you need Word 2000 or later and should specify the .doc file extension in the Save As dialog box.

How do I combine documents into a single PDF and extract pages from a PDF?
PdfEdit995 offers two methods for combining documents into a single PDF. See the pdfEdit995 readme for details.

1. Run pdfEdit995 and turn on combine mode. Print jobs sent to pdf995 will be concatenated. Turn off combine mode when done.

2. Run pdfEdit995 and press “Combine Existing PDFs” or “Extract PDF Pages.” PdfEdit995 also includes command line utilities for combining, extracting and bursting.

Installing to a custom folder
In order to install to alternate folders use the autosetup and specify the install folder in install.ini or manually adjust the registry before installing:
1. Run regedit.exe
2. Create the key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\pdf995. On 64 bit operating systems create this additional, second key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\pdf995
3. Add a STRING named "Path" and set its value to "d:\your folder\"
Make sure the specified folder exists. Don't forget the last slash.

How do I restrict printing, modification and copying of text and images from PDF files?
The Pdf995 Standard Encryption module for for Signature995 uses 128 bit RC4 encryption to restrict users from printing, modifying, and copying text and images. It also uses 128 bit RC4 encryption to password protect PDF files. It is free and may be downloaded from Signature995.

How can I configure Pdf995 to create PDF's with reduced filesize?
Run PdfEdit995. Select the Image tab and change image resolution. The default setting is "prepress", NOT "default". The resolutions associated with the selections are: default - 72 dpi, ebook - 150 dpi, printer - 300 dpi, prepress - 300 dpi, PSL2Printer - 600 dpi. Additional reduction can be achieved by selecting the Fonts tab in PdfEdit995 and specifying PDF v1.2. Further reduction can be achieved with the PdfEdit995 PDF Compression tool. The PDF Compression tool is accessible from the Web View tab of PdfEdit995.

How can I add a custom page size?
Pdf995 supports custom page sizes up to 200 x 200 inches.

Select Start --> Search. Type in "Printers." Click the Pdf995 printer icon. Select "Print Server Properties" on the top of the Window. Select "Manage Forms..." Check "Create a new form." Custom page sizes are not supported on Windows 7 Home.

On Vista and earlier: In the Control Panel select Printers. Right click in the Windows. In Vista select "Run as Administrator." Select Server Properties. Choose the Forms tab and check "Create a form" to specify a custom page size.

How can I plot landscape drawings in AutoCad?
In many cases, the simplest way is to first create a portrait PDF and then rotate it with PdfEdit995. Go to the PdfEdit995 Rotate tab and use the "Rotate Pages of Last PDF Created" tool.


1. Run PdfEdit995 and go to the Rotate tab. Select "Rotate all pages."
2. In AutoCAD select "Landscape" AND "Plot upside-down."

Can I use Pdf995 with Ghostscript v9.24?
Yes. Pdf995 is a printer driver that works with any Postscript to PDF converter. You may choose to have the program use this free converter which includes a partial version of Ghostscript v9.24. You may obtain the source code here.

Can I use Pdf995 with Ghostscript v9.10?
Yes. Pdf995 is a printer driver that works with any Postscript to PDF converter. You may choose to have the program use this free converter which includes a partial version of Ghostscript v9.10. You may obtain the source code here.

How can I run the Pdf995 Suite on older Operating Systems including Server 2003, Windows XP and Windows 2000?
Install archived versions from 2015 or earlier, available at

Does the Pdf995 Printer Driver work with other Postscript to PDF converters?
Yes. The Pdf995 Printer Driver can be configured to add functionality to Acrobat Distiller and other installed Postscript to PDF converters. At download, Pdf995 will ask you if you would like to configure Pdf995 to work with the converter we offer free of charge. If you configure Pdf995 to work with the free Converter and later wish to reconfigure Pdf995 to use the default Postscript converter on your system, you may add the following to the [Parameters] section of c:\pdf995\res\pdf995.ini: "TS Enabled=0", "Use Default Distiller=1"

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