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When run on Citrix/Terminal Server, does Pdf995 support concurrent, high-volume printing from multiple users?
Yes. The Pdf995 printer driver (starting with v11.0) is architected for use in high-volume Terminal Server environments. It is designed to handle large spool files. Pdf995 will quickly recover from manual deletion of jobs in the printer queue by users, or situations where users ignore the “Pdf995 Save As Dialog” or even log out of a session before their print job has completed. Pdf995 continually checks User and Port Monitor processes to ensure print job synchronization. These are critical considerations when choosing a PDF solution for Terminal Server. Don’t hesitate to contact us at for more information.

How do I install Pdf995 on Citrix/Terminal Server?
Install Pdf995 from the console as a main printer to the default installation folder (program files). Run Pdfedit995 (do not set user mode=1). Go to the PdfEdit995 autoname tab and select options to specify that the save as should open to the users' my documents folders. Pricing is based upon the number of named users who will be using Pdf995. Keys may be used on all of a user's systems. For instance, a user can run the software on Terminal server, on their desktop and their notebook.

Special instructions for installing keys to prevent the sponsor pages from appearing on Citrix/Terminal server or when Pdf995 is installed as a shared network printer may be obtained from

How do I install PdfEdit995 and Signature995 for normal users on Terminal Server?
Once all users can print to Pdf995 you may run in user mode. User mode enables normal users to run PdfEdit995 and Signature995 on terminal server. Users can encrypt pdfs, combine pdfs, configure auto-launch and auto-attach to email, insert bookmaks and links, batch process files, optimize files, stamp and number pdfs, summarize text, and convert to DOC and HTML.


user mode=1

to the parameters section of .\pdf995\res\pdf995.ini. If you are running in user mode, note that the first time a user prints to Pdf995, the software will copy the global pdf995.ini file to their documents and settings\\application data\pdf995\res folder. If the ini file specied that the save as should open to a folder not accessible to the user, there will be problems. This is the reason we specify the administrator should specify the Save As opens to the users' my documents folders. You can always delete or modify the users' personal pdf995.ini file if necessary.

How can I set up PDF995 as a shared network printer?
1. Install Pdf95 Version 8.3 or later and the free converter on the server. Rename the Pdf995 printer to "PDF995Share" (case-sensitive). Share the printer. Right click on the PDF995Share and make sure it is Online.

2. Share the c:\program files\pdf995 folder as "pdf995". Give users execute access to the pdf995\res\drivedir and pdf995\res\convert folders. Give users write access to the pdf995\res\pdf995.ini file. Make sure users can execute \\servername\pdf995\res\drivedir\pdfsave.exe and modify \\servername\pdf995\res\pdf995.ini.

3. Share a pdfdata folder on the server. Example: \\servername\pdfdata\. Create a folder named pdf995 within \\servername\pdfdata\ . Give users read/write/modify access to \\servername\pdfdata\pdf995\.

4. Add the following to the parameters section of ..pdf995\res\pdf995.ini where "servername" is replaced by the name of your server. Be sure to end the path with a "\"

Data Folder=\\servername\pdfdata\

5. Vista only: Uncheck "Render Print Jobs on Client Computer" under PDF995Share properties under Sharing.

6. Confirm the administrator on the server can print to Pdf995. If they cannot, make sure is written to the \\servername\pdfdata\pdf995 folder. Try printing remotely as a normal user.

7. Optional: In order to minimize wait time run PdfEdit995 and select the middle autoname choice. Click options. Specify the pdfs should be saved to the users own my documents folder.

8. If clients access the server via their user account on the server rather than the Guest account on the server, optionally add

Compare Shared Printer User Names=1

to the parameters section of c:\program files (x86)pdf995\res\pdf995.ini.

If used without a key, sponsor pages will appear.For shared use, key pricing is based on the number of users who will be using Pdf995.The keys may be used on all of a user's systems. For instance, a user can runthe software on Terminal server, on their desktop and their notebook.Special instructions for installing keys to prevent the sponsor pages from appearingon Citrix/Terminal server or when Pdf995 is installed as a shared network printer may beobtained from

What is the best way to installPdf995 on multiple desktops?
Upon purchase of 25 or more keys, we Software995 will provide an autosetup utility at no additional charge. The autosetup will quietly install Software995 products and disable sponsor pages in a single step.

A free autosetup utility that quietly installs the products but does not disable sponsor pages may be downloaded here.

Here are instructions for autosetup.exe:

Place autosetup.exe in a folder optionally containing pdf995s.exe and ps2pdf995.exe, pdfedit.exe, signature995.exe, omniformat.exe, searchwithin.exe, backup995, ftp995 installer, photoedit995.exe, zip995, photoshare.exe, epad.exe, wordbrowser.exe, and ultrapdf.exe. The installers should be downloaded from our websites. A version of ps2pdf995.exe with Ghostscript 9.05 can be found on our FAQ in the technical section and is recommended.

When run, the software will be quietly installed and the key applied so that no sponsor pages will appear. You don't need the separate key generator if you use the autosetup.exe.

1. You can also specify the destination folder by adding install.ini. TheInstall.ini file should look as follows:

Path=C:\Program Files\

Don't specify the pdf995 and don't use quotes. End the path in a \.
We recommend the following: Add the following to Install.ini:


Pdf995 will install to the correct program files folder of the system. If you don't install to the program files folder, make sure users have write access to pdf995\res\pdf995.ini. You need to give execute permissions to pdf995/res/convert/gswin32c.exe, pdf995\res\drivedir\psconvert.exe and pdf995\res\drivedir\pdfsave.exe.

2. You may also place a copy of pdf995.ini in the folder to pre-configurepdf995. It will be copied to ..pdf995\res\pdf995.ini.

3. You may specify Initial Dir=1 in the Parameters section of install.ini.This will cause the Save As dialog to open to the My Documents folder thefirst time the Save As dialog appears.

4. You may specify Initial Dir=MYDOCUMENTS in the parameters section of thepdf995.ini file. It will cause the Save As dialog to always open to the MyDocuments folder.

5. You may configure the default pdf995 page size to A4 by adding

Default A4=1

to the parameters section of pdf995.ini.

Alternatively, include adjustpdf995.exe, a free utility included with Omniformat, in the same folder as autosetup. Use config.bat (see below) to invoke it and specify 9 as the page size. See the Omniformat readme for additional options.

6. If config.bat is placed in the same folder as autosetup.exe, it will berun following installation. This is optional and a way to customize theinstall.

7. In order to suppress the readme from displaying you may need to addDisplay Readme=0 to the parameters section of pdf995.ini.

8. You can specify a message to display when the install is about to beginor complete byadding the message text to install.ini. The Install.ini value should appearin the Parameters section as follows:

Setup Is Complete Message=Your message goes here
Setup Welcome Message=Your message goes here

9. You may copy additional files to the pdf995 destination folder by including a folder subordinate to the autosetup folder named pdf995 and containing files you wish to copy. They may be contained in subfolders.

10. You may install the Word toolbar if pdfEdit995 is installed.

In order to install the Word toolbar, the file file needs to be placed into the .\pdf995\res\utilities folder. See the pdfEdit995 readme about obtaining the file.

Add the following to the Parameters section of install.ini:

Install Word Toolbar=1

Add the following to the to the Parameters section of pdf995.ini

Use Word Buttons=1
Use Toolbar=1

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