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Our requirement was to create and send over 1000 pdfs by email. We purchased PDF995 and put a print loop into our software, using the document name in the print job to identify the customer. The brilliant thing about PDF995 is that it can use this document name as the file name of the final pdf.

When we ran the software we saw dozens of documents appear in the printer queue, followed by all these pdf documents appearing in the output directory (which is also controllable in the PDF995 ini file.) It was a absolutely brilliant. Four big software engineers watching the test run wept at the sight. (OK that is an exaggeration). It just took a few more hours for us to write software to email all these pdfs through the email system. Brilliant!

Owen Mooney
AHHA! Software Ltd

"A perfect product"
As a Not for Profit publisher in a hurry, yesterday we were typically short of time and budget to turn MS word into a PDF deliverable. We found 995 via Google. In less than a minute we had the tool downloaded and installed. In a second minute we had the first perfect PDF. Your product does exactly what it says on the tin. You rock.

Andrew Fincham
Contributing Editor, New Europe Writers, Warsaw Poland

"Best $10 I ever spent"
This is the best ten dollars I ever spent. I just finished a 300-page book with extremely complex page layouts for extremely complex matrix equations plus all sorts of graphics, footnotes, font changes, tables, etc. -- the works. PDF995 worked flawlessly.

James L Farrell

"Easy and dependable "
I have used Pdf995 for several months, and I decided it was good enough to buy. I usually try out things for a while and if they turn out good, I pay for them. I used to save online receipts as htm files, but Pdf995 is so easy I now just print them to a PDF file instead. If I need to print them out later, sometimes the htm file came out screwy, but I can always depend on a PDF. So thanks for your easy and dependable program.

Bob Kvanbeck

"Thank you"
I just downloaded Pdf995, and wanted to let you know how pleased I am. I could get by in "free" mode, and live forever with the unobtrusive sponsor page, but two factors influenced my purchase of the key: First, I received a polite and comprehensive response to an e-mail question in just a matter of minutes. Second, my initial effort at creating a PDF file was so fast and easy that I wanted to show my appreciation and support for this incredible program.

Tommy N Tyler

"A quick thank you"
A client wanted PDF support in our VB applications - including the ability to automatically issue multi-page documents based on PPT slides, multiple worksheets from the same or separate workbooks, combining Excel and Word in the same file and many other uses.

I am AMAZED that 24-hours after we started looking for PDF solutions we have downloaded your tool, written the code, tested and shipped out a working product!

The key was the ability to control PDF995 via the INI file to easily tell it where to store files, what program to run when it's finished, control appending to a file etc. This made life VERY easy and we were able to write a simple wrapper to go around PDF995 and give our customers a smooth solution that doesn't cost a fortune.

Dale Shaw

"Happiness is support for 64 bit"
I recently converted to a 64 bit system at work which included installing the 64 bit version of Windows XP. I tried using Adobe Acrobat, but there is no 64 bit print driver. In fact, their FAQ suggested installing it on a 32 bit system as a way to solve the issue. In my Google search for a PDF creation product, I came across your site. I can't even describe the joy in being able to create a PDF on my new OS. And I certainly cannot complain about free although I will support you by purchasing the product. I feel as if it'll be the best money I ever spent. On top of that, the PDF file that it created was a third the size of a PDF created on a Mac (which supports PDF creation in the OS). Thank you so much for your wonderful product, I will be sure to spread the word to others who have converted to a 64 bit platform.

Crystal M Orr

"The easiest to install and use"
I just wanted to add my name to your testimonials list. I have tried at least 6 other PDF converters, and was sold after about 10 minutes when I tried yours. I tried it on a 100 page page document under Win Me. No faults, no gpfs, no errors! PDF995 has to be the easiest to install and use PDF converter I've ever seen, not to mention the security features in Signature 995. Other converters I've tried were either much more expensive, harder to use, had no (or little) security features, and web link preservation just wasn't possible. Keep up the good work! Great product - I love it! 5 Stars! I registered pronto!

Joe Del Principe

"Quickest, most effective technical support"
You rock! This is the quickest, most descriptive and most effective technical support I have ever received over email. And this coming from a guy who began his career in technology by marketing WordPerfect technical support - well known for its industry-setting support standards. The process worked, you helped me overcome weaknesses in the operating system (which you shouldn't be accountable to do) and I was able to use the product this morning. Much appreciated.

Lyle Ball

I found Pdf995 when I was searching for a way to circulate designed documents for review before publication. It's wonderful to be able to produce a file ANYONE can read that includes all the graphics and design elements of the final file. WONDERFUL! Pdf995 is one of those tools that I know can change the way I do things in really basic ways - I'm looking forward to finding a zillion ways to use it. But here's the best part. On my first try I couldn't make the program work with my old version of Pagemaker, though it did fine with Word. Hardly expecting an answer, I dropped a line to the support address on the website where I downloaded the program - at 11:00 Sunday night. Before lunch on the NEXT DAY I got, not only a response, but one that made the program work with a one-line change in the ini file that even I could do. (Turns out it wasn't my ancient Pagemaker, but the XP operating system that needed to be accounted for.) Then it worked perfectly and so simply. I have at least five (totally unrelated) hardware and software problems that I have waited in vain for months for any response from a support query - and these were products I paid a lot of money for. I can't believe I got next-day support that WORKED for a free download. That's why I'm writing this testimonial even before I've explored all the features of this program - I'm still ecstatic. I don't know how these guys do it! I haven't even subscribed yet, though I'm going to right after I send this e-mail. I don't mind the ads really, but I just want to send these folks a little money for something. Great product! Great service!

Chris Garcia

"Smiling with 995's ease of use"
I've completed my work evaluating PDF generators. Making use of PlanetPDF and PDFZone among others, I have looked at over 20 PDF applications/add-ins and stand-alone generators. These range from the high end ActivePDF to the Adobe Acrobat suite and also include a number of cut-down applications.

Each application was evaluated against the following criteria:

  1. Ease of use/integration
  2. Automation
  3. Cost
  4. Stability

Overall, the best product was pdf995. It installed first time on Windows 98, 2000 and XP and I encountered no issues when using it.

The test documents included:

Only a few applications could encode all documents without error, and pdf995 was the most consistent. I had terrible problems with the stability of Adobe's offering (on 4 completely different test machines), even when I 'dumbed down' to using Distiller it still wouldn't play. ActivePDF worked well, but it's costly and very involved.

I kept smiling with pdf995's ease of use. With the optional edit component it 'just happens'. You print the document to the PDF995 'printer' and in no time at all a perfectly encoded PDF appears. Without the edit component and using the free version you encounter an advertising screen and have to name the PDF which is a very minor price to pay for a completely free PDF encoder.

To remove the adverts, you register at a cost of $9.95 (no typo). To buy the whole suite which enables automation and includes an electronic signature applet only costs $19.95 (again, no typo). Considering the 200 we spent on Acrobat, this is a gem of a bargain.

To summarise, this is the component/application that best meets our needs, but it also has the advantage of an incredibly low price and excellent stability in use. It passed all the tests we set it regarding encoding documents and fully supports automation.

The only drawback I can see is that they appear to be a small company. However, with a product proposition such as this I can't see this being the case for long.


"Eliminate paper files"
I am most impressed with this entire process. I can virtually eliminate the paper files that are stuffing every available space. Thank you so very much for this wonderful program. I find the ease of use to be incredible.

Caroline Bobb

"pdf995: create PDF documents quickly and affordably"
Finally an affordable way to convert any file into a PDF file format. If you're not familiar with PDF's, they are a format that is readable by the free Adobe Acrobat Viewer that you probably already have installed on your pc. This makes it a decent format to use when you need to send attachments or save a document into a format that someone else can't edit (great for english majors whose professors want work turned in electronically). I tried this program on my Win2K machine with a jpeg image file, a text file, and 11 page Word document, and it worked flawlessly on all three. All that I needed to do was select print and pick the "pdf995" print object as the printer and voila ! (and I'm not even Italian) Not bad for free, eh? What was really impressive was that my 60k Word doc shrunk to a 20k PDF file. There is the nag screen that will open in your browser, but for $9.95 you can purchase the "license key" to eliminate it. Two thumbs up for this handy utility.

James Hatz

PCReview Toolbox
The Portable Document Format (PDF) is extremely useful as it preserves a document -- pictures and text intact -- no matter what program was originally used. Anyone anywhere can then open the PDF file using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. But it's hard to find a free program that empowers you to create PDFs of your own, so I found one for you: PDF 995.

The software consists of a printer driver -- which means all you need to do is to select the PDF995 printer when you're ready to convert your work to PDF format. You can do some optional configuring when the printer window pops up, and then save your PDF file. There's a slight messiness factor involved in that a PORT file is created along with your document, but you can get rid of it without affecting the PDF file. The only other drawback is that a browser window will open to display a sponsor page every time you create a PDF. But these are minor quibbles indeed when you consider the free functionality you're getting.

Free PDF writers come and go, so if you suspect you might need one some day, get PDF995 without delay!

Rupert Neethling

Free Program to Create PDF Files (excerpt)
I created a PDF version of the newsletter by using PDF995. It worked flawlessly. The PDF version was able to display the text, fonts, and everything else as if I had printed it on paper. In short, it did exactly what I expected. I then used PDF995 with two different genealogy programs and again found that the PDF files it created worked perfectly, even displaying the lines around text boxes in pedigree charts. Everything in the file created with PDF995 displayed properly in the free PDF viewer program from Adobe. The PDF files contained all the formatting produced by the genealogy programs. I then experimented by having PDF995 create PDF files of Web pages, complete with graphics. Again, the program worked well.

PDF995 is an excellent solution for preserving formatting and ensuring that your documents can be read on any operating system.

PDF995 is an excellent addition to your Windows system. Once installed, you can use PDF995 to create files for your Web site or CD-ROM or simply to send to others via e-mail. You can probably find many uses for this free program.

Dick Eastman at www.ancestry.com

pcin.net Review (excerpt)
Up until recently, the only way to create PDF documents was to use the software provided by Adobe, at a significant cost. Now there is an alternative, pdf995. Pdf995 allows you to print your document to a virtual printer created during the install of pdf995. It is that simple. Using the printer properties, you have some customization with the output as you would with any printer, including paper orientation, whether to print in colour or black and white, and resolution. The only change I needed to make was how the virtual printer handled fonts. By default, Substitute with Device Font is selected for True Type Fonts. I did run into an instance using an obscure font where the virtual printer substituted another font for the one I had picked. Changing this value to Download as SoftFont corrected that, although the default and recommended method is substitution.

There is more functionality than that though. An add-on product is available for download as well. PdfEdit995 provides many more options for use with pdf995. With pdfEdit995 you may choose to automatically display the PDF file after creating, have 3 options on how to save the files, have the ability to watermark documents or apply a stationery to them, and the ability to set up a batch of Microsoft Office files to print to the default printer (which may be set to pdf995 if you require PDF output.) The biggest feature I found though was the ability to combine documents.

PdfEdit995 has the option to add new documents to the last printed document. You can now create a single PDF file from a series of programs. I used it to create a report on web site usage that came from 25 separate web pages, each about 4 pages long. The resulting PDF file was 104 pages in length. There was no problem in creating this file, but I did notice the time to create the file grew as I added more and more pages to the document.

Pdf995 easily creates PDF files and with the options gained by pdfEdit995 and Signature995, the suite should not be avoided by anyone needing to share documents with other people.

Chris Empey at pcin.net

Money Well Spent
Thank you very much for your support and prompt replies. I find your products useful and your help makes me feel that this is money well spent.

Charles Ben Ami

The Best Things in Life Are Free
Pdf995 is the best way I've seen so far to create documents in Adobe PDF format, short of purchasing Adobe Acrobat. Pdf995 installs as a print driver and can convert into a Pdf any document that can be printed. The program is not as flexible as Acrobat, but it does a good job for basic needs. Pdf documents can be viewed exactly as the author intended on any computer with a free Pdf viewer. A small downside: Pdf995 attempts to display a Web-ad every time a conversion is amde. This is a small price to pay for great results, if you consider that Adobe Acrobat sells for about $250. An ad-free version is also available for a small fee.

Antony Nispel
Small Business Technology Magazine March 2003

"Telling everyone I know"

I am telling everyone I know to download and buy! If I had one suggestion it would be to increase the price a little, otherwise, awesome product.

Joe Walton from Kappa Networks

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